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We interrupt this programming

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

… to explain the lack of content on this blog for the past couple of months. I’ve been working flat out at the World Bank, with infoDev, a unit that works on technology and innovation in economic development. I’m handling infoDev’s communications and also an exciting new project with Brazil on what they should do with e-waste.

Which is all well and good, but hasn’t left any time for blogging. In the past week alone, I’ve made mental notes for pieces on Nokia and Finland’s industrial policy, Mozilla’s inspiring project, Drumbeat (‘keeping the web open’),  and two really fascinating and worthwhile organisations I’ve encountered; Panos, a DFID-funded nonprofit that gets more informed development-related information into the media, and Intermedia, a research consultancy that figures out how effective communication programs are.

Working at The Bank, as you call it once you work there, is stimulating and tantalizing. Amidst the organizational sludge of a large institution, there are many bright lights doing unexpected and imaginative things. The Open Data initiative launched earlier this summer is a great example of what a small-ish group of determined progressives can achieve. There are endless brownbag lunches with experts and luminaries, from celeb-advocates like Shakira or Christy Turlington Burns to the living legends in my universe such as Doug North. But frequently I’m crashing on a deadline and don’t have time to go and listen.

I feel like I’ve become an even more central node in a buzzing information network, grabbing wildly at packets flying past. So it’s a time with lots of absorbing information, some processing of it, but not much spitting it back out in the form of blog posts. This too will pass.

In December, I plan to be at ICANN’s Cartegena, Colombia meeting, writing pieces every day. And next year, when I finish up in the Bank and move back to the UK, I expect to have a lot more writing time. Until then, I hesitate to announce a hiatus as it’s a blogging cliche that such an announcement releases the writer from the anxiety of the blank screen and precipitates a flood of posts. We’ll see.