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IPv4 endgame; following the money

Thursday, March 17th, 2011
As part of its campaign to be able to buy and sell IPv4 addresses in the profitable end game of numbering availability, Depository Inc., a US company led by David H. Holtzman (formerly of NSI) has written to ICANN complaining about the US regional Internet registry, ARIN. Depository wants bulk access to ARIN’s IP Whois in order to ensure accuracy of its own records, and says it doesn’t intend to use the database for direct marketing. ARIN rather unconvincingly argues that Depository’s stated use would contravene the community-developed acceptable use policy. Without bulk Whois, it’s hard to see how Depository can reliably sell routable address space to its own putative registrants. But how could a private firm with no obligation to the multi-stakeholder process or global Internet community get its hands on addresses and legitimately sell them on?
Many of these initial allocations were enormous; giving rise to the oft-stated complaint a few years ago that MIT had far more IP addresses than China. Initially, Internet address blocks were doled out to techies ‘in the know’ and in countries that got their Internet acts together quickly. In the early 2000’s, the UN’s International Telecommunication Union (ITU) – which had initially ignored the Internet or railed against it – started clamouring to be the numbering authority. ITU’s argument that a closed shop of rich country engineers could not be allowed to divvy up the global public pool of address space resounded strongly with its largely developing country membership. But those interested in developing the Internet itself, and not simply using IP addresses as a communications ministry cash cow, agreed that the while the ITU proposal might arguably be fair, it was far from efficient.  Something had to be done. (more…)

Music to live by – Sophie Coyle from Galway

Thursday, March 10th, 2011


Just landed in Edinburgh and with no plans in mind and a mind full of curtains and kitchen fittings, I got an email out of the blue from my Galway cousin, Sophie Coyle, about a gig in Banshee Labyrinth last night. What a fabulous performance – I just wish I’d caught more of it. It’s always impressive to see someone you know, someone family, re-making themselves as something you also know but in an entirely different realm – as a professional musician.

My first job with Hummingbird Films meant spending a lot of time around gigging musicians, and I’m proud to say Sophie is the real deal. Beautiful songs, which I’ve been enjoying properly on CD today. Magical, addictive stuff.

Also playing was Dundalk punk-poet Jinx Lennon. I have to admit the term ‘punk-poet’ would normally have me reaching for the Ovaltine and TV Times, but Jinx had such a way of combining words, guitar, samples & choruses with wit and passion that I was instantly hooked.

Sophie’s music can be downloaded at Yesterday morning as I was driving into John Lewis, calculating curtain sizes and how much house the wedding vouchers will adorn I wondered if I was feeling to old to go to Oxegen or Electric Picnic this year. Last night’s reminder of the magic of live music  says maybe not!