“Maria is an expert at communications. We worked together on the 2009 ICANN nominating committee, her manner and ability is truly inspirational. I found her to be one of the most efficient and effective team leaders I’ve worked with, you can rely on her.”

Alan Levin, Director and co-founder of Future Perfect Corporation, South Africa

“Maria is terrific — at her job; as a work mate and professional colleague. She is a wonderful communicator, a thoughtful writer and a great team player. She has worked particularly well in high pressure situations in political organisations and exercises sound judgement when working through problems. She also has broad experience working within different cultural settings and adapts her way of working to what is most appropriate.”

Liz Williams, Managing Director at Anzaja, UK

“Maria brings a strong policy background and understanding of community and stakeholder views. She is an excellent communicator and writer, and utilized those skills in various projects and programs at ICANN. It was a pleasure to work with her.”

Patrick Jones Sr Mgr, Continuity & Risk Management, ICANN, United States

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