I put my in-depth knowledge of Internet infrastructure to work for a small number of clients whose values I share and where I believe my skills can make a difference. If an organisation is working for an open, end-to-end, collaborative Internet that spreads opportunity and respects human rights, and needs help communicating that, then I’m in. Bonus points for a mission to reduce inequality, tackle climate crisis or protect fundamental rights. 

I often help organisations to articulate quite detailed technical and public policy issues to senior decision-makers in the public and private sectors. My work-products have been part of discussions at the United Nations, European Union, African Union and have helped – in a small way – to push forward a progressive agenda for technology policy around the world. 


My consulting projects include:

  • Analysis of the Impact on Internet infrastructure of data sovereignty laws in south Asia
  • Guidelines for national cybersecurity strategies in Middle Eastern economies
  • Cybersecurity guidelines for African states
  • White paper for a European country on Artificial Intelligence and foreign direct investment  
  • Communications collaterals for a trade association working in the Domain Name System (DNS) space
  • Analysis of IPv6 deployment in a large EU country